Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Solutions In Travel & Tomi Gaudio

Welcome to Solutions In Travel!

Let me introduce myself…

Tomi Gaudio, President of Solutions in Travel, Corporate Travel Specialist

I’m Tomi Gaudio, the owner of Solutions In Travel and your connection to everything you or your company need to ensure that all of your trips — whether personal or business — are successful, fun, and inexpensive!

For the past 25+ years, I’ve been responsible for arranging and conducting on-site meetings and incentive programs for major corporations.   Throughout my experience, I’ve worked extensively with International Clients, particularly those from Japan, assisting them with both their personal travel needs and their business travel  needs.

What this means to you is that Solutions In Travel is able to assist you wherever your travel needs take you!

That also means that I can help you find the perfect vacation packages (or even all inclusive vacation packages!).

My experience is not just sitting behind a desk working hard to ensure the best prices for my clients.  I’ve also traveled extensively across the United States, Japan, and other Asian countries.

This means that wherever your travel takes you, I’ll be able to provide you with information about many exciting and memorable destinations!  (Just ask me about the places to go in Japan that will help ensure that your trip will be memorable without breaking the bank!)

Solutions In Travel is here to help with your Business Travel needs, Personal Travel needs, meeting planning & incentives, Cruise Travel (including last minute cruise deals), Rail Transportation needs (including Rocky Mountain Railroad trips), Travel Accessories (i.e. luggage, luggage tags, business travel equipment, etc.)  and any other travel needs you many have for yourself, your family, your company, or your organization!

Email Tomi Gaudio of Solutions In Travel

Currently, Solutions In Travel is also affiliated with Progressive Travel in Palatine, Illinois for ticketing and expanded customer service.

Feel free to contact me via the Contact Us form on this website or email at tomi (at) progressivetravel.net or via telephone at 847-398-7299 for a Quotation or more information!

I’m looking forward to helping create amazing trips for you in the coming weeks, months, and years!

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